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Best Value Electronic Pest Control

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524

The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap delivers a high-voltage shock to eliminate mice in less than 5 seconds. Killing up to 100 mice per set of batteries (4AA), this trap is a great value! Easy to use, the trap is simply baited, placed against the wall and turned on.

Buyers Guide
  • “Disposing of the dead mouse is quick, easy, and not too gross–so much better than the guts and gore of snap traps.” – ruruyoyo
  • “Very easy to set up and it simply works.” – J. Travers
  • “I never have to touch a mouse, just open the lid and dump.” – Walker

Yard Sentinel - Electronic Pest & Animal Control Repeller with Motion Sensor

What Separates Yard Sentinel From the rest? The highly recommended Indoor & Outdoor Yard Sentinel from Aspectek is humanely designed to effectively get rid of pests that have been invading your privacy using the MOST ADVANCED repelling technologies.

Expert Advice
  • “I got this to keep cats out of my yard.” – Mike
  • “I set up on motion detect for three days- The dogs come to my driveway once a day-Yard Sentinel id not work:Emits the loud audible soundb though.” – whatsthis?
  • “Hasn’t kept the deer from eating my plants.” – Roy Wilson

Victor Electronic Rat Trap M240

The Victor Electronic Rat Trap activates when a rat touches the metal plates inside the plastic housing, completing the circuit. The patent pending three plate design reduces escapes and provides a 90% kill rate.

Product Research
  • “I buy one of these Victor M240 Electronic Rat Traps, and I’m catching rats one after another!” – BoatFixx
  • “After installing new batteries in them, however, I found that all 3 did not work (the green LED did not flash when turned on).” – B. Fung
  • “This was very easy to use.” – OaktownGirl

Flowtron BK-80D 80-Watt Electronic Insect Killer, 1-1/2 Acre Coverage

Are you troubled by more insects than you can swat? Sick of citronella? Driven mad by mosquitoes? The Flowtron 80-watt electronic insect killer is just what you need to remove pesky insects from the guest list at your next picnic or outdoor get-together.

Product Comparisons
  • “Now I can sit outside in the evenings and enjoy the peaceful setting without continuously swatting bugs.” – Muriel Thompson
  • “Great bug zapper it kills mosquito’s and all flying insects that are pests in the night.” – dom
  • “This one works great and lasted all year.” – B. Jenkins

Pest Offense POBD-I-01 Original Electronic Pest Repeller

The ORIGINAL PEST OFFENSE Electronic Pest Repellers Model #:POBD-I-01 Chemical free solution to pest control. This patented technology is an easy and safe solution that requires no maintenance or disposal of rodents or insects.

Product Reviews
  • “I plugged this in about a month ago and have seen no reduction in the mouse problem.” – Marilyn L. J. Orton
  • “I still see roaches, centipedes, and spiders.” – D. A. Rifai
  • “The unit has a 30-day money back guarantee but says you should use it 6-8 weeks for it to be effective.” – David Kraft

Victor Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap M260

The latest innovation in electronic rodent control, the Victor Multi-Kill Trap delivers a high-voltage shock to eliminate up to 10 mice per setting. Fully Automated, the trap has the ability to eliminate your rodent problem in just one night.

  • “The Victor M260 Multi-Kill Electronic Mouse Trap is a total failure!” – M.L. Woy Jr.
  • “So far, not one mouse has entered the trap.” – Inksnatcher
  • “I carefully read the instructions and positive comments.” – Cliffyk

Victor M250Pro Professional Electronic Mouse Trap

Humanely and swiftly delivers a high-voltage electric charge to the rodent, killing it in seconds. No sticky messes, snapped fingers or poisons. Never touch a dead or squirming mouse again.

Electronic Pest Control Reviews
  • “Meanwhile the old-fashioned (wooden) snap traps were still catching mice.” – D. Evans
  • “Never even had to bait the snap traps to get the mice.” – Pj Dupuis
  • “I have had this trap for 14 months now and have not caught a single mouse.” – Michael J

Electronic Ultrasonic Rat, Mouse and Spider Repeller - Sonic Whole House Scarer Repellent

This repeller combines two systems: Electro-Magnetic Interference and Ultrasonic noise

Ultrasound is a loud noise at a high frequency: it’s generally too high for humans and domestic pets to hear, but is thought to be audible to most rodents.

Product Comparisons
  • “I then set old fashioned traps caught 2 mice and have seen none since.” – Boo
  • “I am not sure whether it is working or not, but I am seeing spiders and ants in the house.” – Raj M
  • “It also makes a loud clicking noise when it is plugged in.” – Eric Hoffman

Better Electronic Rat Trap, AC Adapter or Battery Powered, Detachable Tray

Refreshed Late 2013 Redesign for ultimate performance!
The Electronic Rat Killer by Aspectek is the most advanced on the market today. This product will allow you to trap and eliminate rats from your home quickly and cleanly.

Lentek Electronic flying insect killer

Portable bug zapper built-in LED lantern. The UV light in the zapper is harmless to humans and pets but fatally attractive to insects. The Electronic Flying Insect Killer uses ultraviolet black light to lure light sensitive flying insects into an electrically charged metal grid, destroying them quickly.

Product Comparisons
  • “And NO, mosquitos are NOT attracted by UV, they are attracted by Co2.” – R. M. Smith
  • “A third was sent back for a refund.” – Marconiex
  • “Of the 3 I bought, one has been returned and now the the other two have stopped working.” – Jack Muff

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